Even a well laid surface can begin to deteriorate over time. At Block Paving Maintenance, we can investigate any block paving repair issue you have and will provide a suitable solution for your block paving refurbishment or patio or driveway repair that is tailored to suit your needs.


As part of your block paving repair we can:


  • Carry out repairs to the existing base layers of block paving driveways and patios

  • Install new basesĀ 
    Lift and re-lay existing block paving, paving slabs, stone work or other hard surfaces

  • Remove, re-level and repair any subsidence, settlement, sinking, depression, water pooling, and driveway wheel ruts

  • Clear and restore all drainage, aco, gulleys and manholes

  • Replace soak-aways

  • Remove any trip hazards and repair damage caused by tree roots and pest infestations

  • Replace chipped, cracked and damaged blocks, paving and slabwork

  • Secure moving edges and kerbs and stop block paving spreading

  • Re-point paving slabs and crazy paving repair

  • Re-sand block paving

  • Extend, widen, reshape and re-pattern driveways and paving areas

  • Fit new steps, disabled access ramps, edges, kerbing, drainage, falls, lighting, patterns and decorative features

  • Install bollards, barriers and railings and apply anti slip coatings and markings

  • Repair pattern imprinted concrete, cracks, spalding and damaged areas, re-colour with various colours of choice and reseal

  • Repair and restore tarmac and re-colour with various colours of choice

  • Repair any hard standing